Insure Your Event with Special Events Insurance

Insure Your Event with Special Events Insurance

Throwing an event? One of the best things you can to is to get an insurance policy to protect yourself from liability. While you may feel as if everything is covered, you’d be surprised how quickly things can go south. While there are many types of insurance coverage, as a basic measure, it’s best to have general liability, property insurance, employer’s liability insurance, and cancellation insurance.

The risks you face depend on your event – and insurance solutions for event organizers are contingent on the type and scale of your events. Having coverage in place when callers come looking for venues makes things a lot easier. Here are a few reasons why:

General Liability

A special events general liability policy covers a number of instances, including damages to someone who has suffered bodily harm. Other inclusions and endorsements include property damage liability, contractual liability, automobile liability, liquor liability, workers’ compensation and employer liability. In most cases, these are required to protect the property and your equipment. These additional riders help protect the business from being sued if there are incidents from people drinking too much alcohol, transporting equipment or people to the event, and from employees who may have gotten hurt working the event.

Property Insurance

The last thing you’d want is to incur significant damage beyond your control and not have insurance in place. This will provide coverage for any equipment, whether in transit or on the property. Historic properties have their own list of rules and regulations to adhere to, and in most cases, the event cannot take place without the necessary coverage and documents in place.

Third-party vendors can also be affected if you fail to have the right insurance in place. A cancellation insurance policy will cover expenses incurred if the venue is no longer used due to inclement weather, strikes and more.

While these may seem like normal functions of a business insurance policy, a special events insurance policy goes the extra mile to cover every touch point when planning an event. In the events industry, you won’t be able to get vendors to agree to work without a special events policy in place. They understand how important having special events coverage provides additional protections they may not have considered.

Historic venues have really become popular for throwing events, which makes the need for this type of insurance a priority. Making sure you have your venues protected when hosting special events will save time and money.