Reducing Liabilities at Main Street Events

Reducing Liabilities at Main Street Events

Main Street events have become a staple in American society. With the 2019 Main Street America conference happening this month, it’s important to think about the ways that this kind of event can be ran properly.

Just like with any other business, there’s exposures that one needs to be aware of. This kind of event harbors a positive economical and societal impact on the city it is in.

In Sylvester, Georgia, a new Main Street Project approved last month has the high hopes of bringing much needed revenue to the area. Small businesses are hoping to benefit from this kind of management and organization, according to WALB News 10. But Georgia is one of many states participating in this revitalization period. The movement is felt across the country.

Main Street’s impact has rehabilitated over 276,790 homes with $74.73 billion invested into the burgeoning economy. If you think yours and other local businesses would benefit from having a Main Street program, here’s what you’re going to need to know to effectively reduce any liabilities.

Everything Needs to Be Written Down

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an entertainer or a contractor meant to fix the plumbing, everything should be in writing. A contract should be in place that clearly states what duties are expected, as well as other responsibilities. Don’t forget to add a “Hold Harmless Agreement.” This written statement is what will keep your organization from not being liable for any claims occurring because of the other party’s actions.

Everyone Needs to Be Insured Properly

There’s going to be vendors and contractors involved; all of them need to have the right insurance coverage. If they aren’t covered and something happens, that fault ends up on your plate. Deflect that liability problem by ensuring that everyone shows proof of insurance coverage.

Your contract should state that the third-party must have Main Street insurance. Getting a Certificate of Insurance and being named as “Additional Insured” on the other party’s insurance policy will also help with any extra exposures.

All coverage needs to be within the limits needed. And don’t forget about Workers’ Compensation coverage as well.

A Big Event is Going to Need Adequate Security

There’s always a chance that there will be kids at an event, which means that having proper security makes everybody feel a little safer. Criminal background checks must be done on works who are going to be helping with children. The local police should be able to help with that process, but internet searches can also prove to be useful. Having police on site during the event will also help maintain peace throughout the weekend.

The Entertainment Provided Needs to Be Safe

Safe entertainment should always be provided for kids. While “Moon bounces” are massively popular, they’re also a hassle with insurance. Accidents happen when kids start bouncing around, such as head and neck injuries.

Alcohol Servers Must Be Trained

Whoever’s handling the alcohol needs to be a professional. This is a huge exposure, so it’s imperative to make sure that you have “Liquor Liability” coverage. If you have a local restaurant come serve the alcohol, it’s easier. But you can also get volunteers who have taken alcohol-service training classes. Having comprehensive Main Street insurance is the optimal way to ensure your next event goes smoothly.