About National Trust Insurance Services

Most museums and historic properties have serious gaps in their insurance coverage, and don’t even know it! Standard policies often do not cover the features that make museums and historic property owners special -- raised panel wainscoting, hand-hewn true dimensional lumber, artifacts of local significance, collections borrowed from other organizations and your collections loaned to others. Non-profit organizations, as a whole, have their own unique exposures, such as injuries to volunteers, decisions made by a board of directors, and liability for fundraising and other events!

To meet the needs of these clients, the National Trust for Historic Preservation has created a unique relationship with experts in insurance. The firm of Maury, Donnelly and Parr (MDP), which has been protecting their clients' assets since 1875 and itself is located in a beautiful historic building in downtown Baltimore, provides assistance to non-profits, preservation organizations, and museums, in evaluating their exposures to loss and obtaining the coverage these organizations need to protect their assets, through National Trust Insurance Services, LLC. Our clients range from the historic homeowner, to turn-of-the-century Victorian house museums, to nationally recognized theatres, art & cultural institutions.

Our goal is to assist you in securing a comprehensive policy that will consider a number of factors, including proper valuation of collections and historic property, coverage that pays for restoration, and replacement cost coverage for furnishings such as antiques, oriental rugs and fine arts. While certain characteristics of a specific property may prohibit some coverage and/or require limitations to coverage, our standard is to always place your insurance with an insurance company who understands your needs, and who can provide the most comprehensive coverage and competitive pricing available to you.

Once you have secured your insurance through National Trust Insurance Services, our experienced team of Customer Care Specialists will service your account with the knowledge and expertise that you deserve.